Yoga For Overcome Depression:June 2020


Today we will learn yoga for depression. This is for anyone and everyone who just wants to process whatever they’re feeling today and hopefully moves the energy so it’s flowing in a way that serves. Hop into something comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright, my sweet friends. Let’s begin lying down. Yay. Things are already lookin’ up. Come onto your back and we’re gonna bring the soles of the feet together and very gently open the knees out wide.

The lower back is kind of lifted from the yoga mat. You’re gonna bring your left hand to your heart and your right hand to your belly. Thank you so much for choosing this video and for joining me. I’m sending you so much love. Let’s practice here together with an open mind, an open heart. See if we can move some of the energy of the body around and find what feels good, yeah? Press into your head. Lift your heart.

Draw the shoulders down away from the ears. Snuggle your shoulder blades together and then release back onto the ground. Relax the weight of your body completely and fully into the earth. Then close your eyes. Trust me. Trust yourself. Trust this practice. Take a moment of calm, a moment of quiet here to notice your breath, feel your breath, and eventually start to listen more deeply. Then slowly but surely begin to deepen the breath and feel the rise and the fall of your hands as you inhale (inhaling) and exhale (exhaling) (inhaling) (exhaling) Imagine your breath here like waves of the ocean. Inhale. (inhaling) The wave rises and crests and exhale, it falls. (deep breathing)

Then nice and slow so were calming the nervous system. Again, keep an open mind, open heart, here. Nice and slow you’re gonna open the left arm out gently to your side and then open the right arm out gently to your side. Then nice and slow you’re gonna inhale (inhaling) And then exhale, just rock onto your right ear. Keep breathing. (exhaling) Listen to that ocean breath. (inhaling) So maybe you connect to an Ujjayi breath here, creating a soft restriction in the passageway in the back of the throat. (deep breathing) Then roll the head back to center and rock onto the left ear.

Keep breathing. (inhaling) Listening to that ocean sound. (exhaling) Inhaling. (inhaling) Relaxing the shoulders as you exhale. (exhaling) Then inhaling. Come back to the center with the head. Bring the hands to the outer edges of the legs and then close nice and slow. Then press the feet into the earth. Hug the knees into the chest and give yourself a hug. Notice what it feels like to give yourself a hug. So there’s the stretch, but there’s also this action of self-love here. Roll a little side to side. Rock front to back. Whatever feels good.

Keep breathing that full, deep audible breath. (exhaling) You got this. You got this. (deep breathing) Great. Then you’re gonna slide the hands to the backs of the thighs and you’re gonna rock front and back, rocking and massaging the length of your spine. As you’re ready, (inhaling) find a little momentum. And do it a couple of times. (deep breathing) Rock all the way up to a nice cross-legged seat. Then take the left hand to the top of the left thigh. Swim the right fingertips behind.

Take a gentle twist. Inhale, lift, and lengthen. And exhale twist. (exhaling) Release back to the center. The right hand comes to the top of the left thigh. The same thing, inhale to lift and exhale to twist. (exhaling) The body stores emotion, yes? They’re all tied into one another, all of it. Just focus on the movement. You don’t need to focus on anything else or fixing anything or changing anything.Just focus on the sensation of the movement and enjoy it. Palms come to the knees, create a little leverage here.

As you inhale, lift your heart. (inhaling) And exhale, round through the spine. (exhaling) Inhale, lengthen through the spine, lift up. (inhaling) Strong exhalation as you bring chin to the chest. (exhaling) One more time, here we go, giddy-up. Inhale. (inhaling) Exhale. (exhaling) Beautiful. Inhale, lift, and lengthen. Hands to heart. Anjali Mudra. Close your eyes. Continue to listen to the sound of your breath, your spirit. Then whisper the mantra quietly to yourself.

The universe is for me and so is everything else. Again. The universe is for me and so is everything else. And one more time. The universe is for me and so is everything else. Great. Release the fingertips. Press the palms forward up and back. Open the eyes. Inhale in. (inhaling) Exhale out. (exhaling) Inhale, pinkies reach up towards the sky. Nice, slow, conscious movement. (inhaling) Then exhale, bend the elbows, break free. (exhaling) Cactus arms. Open the chest. Beautiful. We’re gonna come forward onto all fours now. Take your time. When you get

there, drop the elbows where the hands are. Then when you get there, walk the knees back. Then when you get there, inhale, look forward. Find a little playfulness here. Claw the fingertips. And then exhale, melt your heart back. Surrender. Surrender to that which you can’t control. Feel a nice opening in the shoulders, a soft release in the neck. Breathe deep. You might wag your tail a little bit here. (deep breathing) Gorgeous. Then slowly come up. Nice and slow. Move with care, with consciousness.

You’re gonna walk the knees up towards the wrists. Curl the toes under. Excuse me, bring the toes together, and then curl the toes under. Then we’re gonna come into a little froggy shape here. Knees open wide. If this hands forward variation doesn’t work for you, just make an adjustment. Bring the hands up. Breathing deep. Opening the hips. (shuffling) All sorts of shite on my mat today. Okay. (deep breathing) Alright.

Smell whatever smells you smell here. Your armpits, your deodorant. Notice the quality of air. Stay present. Notice the thoughts that come up and then acknowledge them and then come back to the sound of your amazing breath.(deep breathing) Then slowly we’ll come up here. Turn out so you can see me. We’re gonna come up onto the fingertips. Then nice and slow you’re gonna draw the knees in. Then from here, one slow, conscious, beautiful movement, guys, Forward Fold.

Drop the heels. Forward Fold. Oh, yeah, that’s what’s up. Uttanasana. (deep breathing) So if things have been a little frantic or stressful or blue if you’ve been carrying around any weight that you know is just not helping you out, it’s not helping you move forward or evolve or it’s not allowing you to really be present with what is, just imagine it, close your eyes here in this Forward Fold and just imagine it spilling off your back.

Whatever you’re carrying on your back, just imagine it releasing here. (exhaling) Then tuck your chin. When you’re ready, slowly roll it up. Then feel your feet really press into the earth here as you stack up through the spine. Then really hold your heart high. Hold your head high. Just let the body respond to that. Then open your heart even more, whatever that means to you. Open your mind, choose to. Then let your body respond to that. Bring the hands to the waistline and take a nice power pose here.

Inhale, lots of love in. (inhaling) Exhale, lots of love out. (exhaling) Inhale, bend the knees. Exhale, jump the feet out wide. Jump. (grunting) Then turn the two big toes in, or turn your feet in just a bit. Press into the outer edges of your feet. Then swim the fingertips around. Smile a little bit as you interlace your fingertips behind your back and then draw the knuckles down and away and open your heart and your mind.

Lift your heart and your head. When you’re ready, take it forward. My favorite and most therapeutic pose, Standing Wide-Legged Forward Fold. Your choice, my friend, to keep the fingertips reaching up towards the sky or maybe you release the arms and bring them to the earth. I’d like for you to ask yourself what feels good here. You might take a twist, inhaling one arm up. Then the other arm. You might take a headstand here if that’s in your practice. You might find stillness and allow the breath to move you. (inhaling) You might be working towards one day bringing the crown of the head to the earth.

(exhaling) Move slow and move with your breath. Trust yourself. Surprise yourself. (inhaling) Keep the foundation strong. So feet nice and strong, not gripping in the toes. Arches of the feet lifting. Inner thighs engage. Then really make it your own here. Move slow and mindful. We’re here for a couple more breaths exploring. (inhaling) Again, letting the breath of your spirit guide you here. (exhaling) Think about (chuckling) what I just said. Let your spirit guide you. There’s this trust and this listening that has to happen in order for that to be a truth. (deep breathing) Awesome work. Make your way back up.

Take your time. Move from a place of connection. Maybe hands come to the waistline. We are gonna hop the feet in just like a little reset. When your feet land, I want you to think of something that you’re grateful for. Okay? We’re jumping the feet together and we’re jumping into gratitude as a way of transitioning out of feeling blue, depressed. Getting the mind to be a little bit clear or a little more clear.

Hopefully, you felt a good rinse, a good flush after you rolled up. Here we go. Inhale, lift your heart, lift your head, bend the knees. Exhale, jump into gratitude. (exhaling) A very humbling jump, as well. Bring the feet together, really together, and close your eyes.

Bring your hands to your heart. (exhaling) Alright. Mountain Pose. Think of something that you’re grateful for. And when you have it, take a deep breath in and then think of something else that you’re grateful for. It could be anything, guys, anything. Don’t judge it. It could be materialistic, it could be a blue sky, it can be anything.

Take a deep breath in. (inhaling) Then exhale and then think of something else you’re grateful for. (exhaling) Then one more time. Inhale. (inhaling) Exhale, release. (exhaling) Inhale, think of one more thing. Inhale. Exhale, out through the mouth. (exhaling) Just in case you didn’t do it, inhale in through the nose. (inhaling) Come on now.Exhale out through the mouth. (exhaling) Inhale, thumbs to third eye point. Thank you for sharing your time, your energy, and your truth.

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