Reading benefits

Reading benefits

I want to share something with you which I think to give anyone who reveals of the opportunity a huge advantage and that is the willingness and the commitment to read voraciously reader loss so the smartest some of the wealthiest people on the face of the planet put aside a huge amount of time to spend reading and they read everything to read fiction nonfiction biographies autobiographies newspapers magazines.

I myself read a lot I always have and have had for some time at least two books on the go one is a book that I will be reading on my Kindle and the other is an audiobook that I will be listening to from through the audible app which allows me to listen to audiobooks and this way actually yet the great benefit or advantage of reading two books at any given time and sometimes even three but I really really enjoy it and I think there’s a huge advantage to be gained from developing a habit developing a commitment to reading a loss now obviously you need to read what you find enjoyable it shouldn’t be a chore or nor some reading can be a chore and some reading is a necessary chore especially.

if you’re a solicitor you do have to do a certain amount of reading anyway of stuff that’s not necessarily going to be all that entertaining but by and large outside of work I would spend a lot of time reading and the lakes Warren Buffett and Bill Gates two of the wealthiest men on the face of the planet they spend a huge amount of time reading and Warren Buffett said spends anything to five hours every single day reading so as I say I have a Kindle that I listen to audiobooks with the audible app you might say why am I not supporting Irish bookshops.

I live in the middle ofthe countryside and for me to buy a book any place a physical book I have to goto the Bolivia Valley in Lucan or to say Valen Caroneither way is a 25 mile trip 15 road trip not only that but when I getthere the choice of books is not going to be as wide as I might like and usingmy Kindle for example I can download in about 30 seconds an e-book from anywherein the world in any language at the drop of a hat even though I’m sitting in mysitting room at home on a Saturday it’s really off in the middle a winter I canlook at look for an e-book probably there was ever written and download in30 seconds to my Kindle and start readingdo you have advantage obviously of the Kindle is is you gonna be an older yourI said listen to me West isn’t the best and it’s great to be able to blow up theto blow up the font on the Kindle now another thing though that you need to beclearly this is a problem for book shops and it is a huge problem for book shopsand anybody going into book shop game.

I certainly wouldn’t hold great hopes for them because I simply don’t think you can compete against Amazon over Amazon do quite frankly and it is unfortunate it’s a pity but you can’t fight city hall he can’t fight against the time that’s going out and the ability for me and people like me to essentially download a book from anywhere in the world to my device regardless of where I’m located in a huge advantage there’s a huge advantage over book shops but there’s another advantage that I only came to discover the other day and that was I got an email from Amazon from audible and they essentially said the email that we notice you gave a one-star review for such-and-such a book last week we don’t want you to be unhappy, please.

Allow us to give you another book, in other words, you can return that book which it is like and will give you a credit and you can get another book and I did so when you think about me giving a review about a book but there wasn’t happy with and Amazon picking it up that was a one-star review this guy is not happy and they send me an email that weekend saying you’re not happy here to have another book on us like that is impossible to communicate to compete with and if you’re in the bookshop game I’m going into the bookshop game it’s something that you’d really want to believe or what to consider very very strongly but clearly the future of the bookshop is physical bookshop is uncertain and the likes of Amazon who are the hugely dominant force in the industry he’s not gonna make things easy, unfortunately.

I have to hold myhands up and say I support Amazon because of the convenience that I enjoythrough the audible app and so my Kindle and it is unfortunate to see thepractical destruction of the physical book trade but that’s it I wouldencourage you though to develop a habit of reading and read widely and thebenefit the huge benefit of reading is clearly that you can actually learn fromthe mistakes of others you don’t have to make the same mistakes over and overagain you can actually learn from the mistakes of others from people who trodthe path that you’re on before you and you can avoid those mistakes and that isthe smartest part of reading and the smartest reason for reading to learnfrom the mistakes of others to avoid the same mistakes to broaden your mind tosee different ways of thinking about things to see different points of viewand obviously there’s a huge amount of enjoyment to be got out of fiction aswell fiction books thrillers and so on and so forth so and I would encourageyou to avail of the opportunity to read develop a habit for reading I know thatI’ve certainly enjoyed and continued to enjoy on a daily basis my my readinghabits which thankfully I’ve developed over I suppose many years hope you findthis video useful .

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