The Ultimate Guide To Success (English, Paperback)-June 2019

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by Julia Seton, M.D.General PressArthur R. Pell (Editor)




About the Book

The ultimate guide to success is a great book for self-help.Are you wondering why you aren’t attainting success in spite of working hard and striving for it? Do you often find yourself complaining that luck is against you? Well, it’s time to change your thinking! “Our thoughts are tools, and the life substance is shaped with these tools.” by simply controlling our mind and concentrating on what we want, we can achieve it. the ultimate guide to success is one of the best self helf book.

This book the ultimate guide to success offers insights and explains how by breathing and concentrating we can make a connection with the divine supply and unlock the immense power that lies within us. It also brings together the twenty methods for success, which include ‘know Thyself’, ‘have a plan’, ‘mind your own business’, ‘appreciation’, ‘happiness’, and ‘Compensation’. a combined, modernized, and updated edition of Dr. Julia seton’s two powerful works, concentration: the secret of success and the science of success, This book can be a game-changer on your path to success.

About the Author

the author of the book the ultimate guide to success Dr. Julia Seton, M.D.General Press (1862-1950) was one of the most outstanding women of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. She was one of the very few women physicians of her time, and one of the first women to be accepted into the American Medical Association.
Early in her career she recognized the close relationship between one’s physical well-being and one’s attitude toward life.
She was a pioneer in what today is called the holistic approach to healthy living. She was a leader in what was then known as the “New Thought” movement and gave lectures, wrote articles and books and formed a foundation to promulgate this concept.

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